Four-Row Roller Bearings

TSB rolling bearings – four row cylindrical (tapered) roller bearings are mainly applied for Bar, Wire Rod and Hot Strip Steel Mills, also widely used in the heavy duty & green energy industry as well.

About TSB

About TSB

Since its inception in 1970, from an early start with gearbox made to now capable of the Bar Mill design and manufacturing, we always hold the spirit of factory motto-“Extensive Study for Practical Purposes”, even to set machinery automation into production technology. Stay, all the time, running research program for customer service and problem solved. The evolution of Company originating in Yitai Gear to Han Chun machinery to today’s own brand “TSB“, would keep on using our best efforts to fully meet quality requirements, by plentiful experience as well as strict process control.

Each TSB bearing and component, shall be ensured every action, such as material procurement, machining process, follow-up measurement, heat treatment and packaging design … etc, to be implemented under controlled conditions and product outputs which might achieve International Standard.



Single Inner Ring


Double Inner Ring


Double Inner Ring with Two
Loose Ribs on Outer Ring


Inner/Outer Ring

eqv ASTM A295/A 295M – 05 Standard Specification
for High-Carbon Anti-Friction Bearing Steel


JIS H 5120: 2006 Copper and copper alloy castings
Characteristics of Alloys: High in hardness and good
in abrasion resistance. Very little lead leaching.
Examples of uses: Moving parts, oil hydraulic
cylinder, sleeve, gear, various types of roller for
paper manufacturing, etc.

Cylindrical Rollers

HRC 58~65 , Ra≦0.2μm(Rt≦1μm)


  • Mill Rolls

    Blooming/Slabbing Mill Roll, Roughing Roll, Intermediate Stand Roll, Finishing Roll, Skin Pass Roll, Work Roll, Intermediate Roll, Back-up Roll (life time: 5000 h)

  • Mills

    Bar & Wire Rod Mill, Hot Strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill.

  • Industries
    • Metallurgy (Split Rolling Bearing with Housing for Metallurgical Equipment)
    • Machinery (Double Row Cylindrical Roll Bearings for Spindles of Machines)
    • Transportation (Rolling Bearing in the Railway Passenger Car and Wagon)
    • Green (Gearbox of Wind Turbine Generator System)

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